Monday, 2 March 2015

News For Idiots (Back to moaning)

I was watching the news this evening.
Ronke Phillips and hair lovely shiny hair were reporting from outside Euston Station.
The news item itself is irrelevant, it's just the whole idea of placing reporters unnecessarily in the proximity of news.
I hate it!
Poor old Ronke doesn't need to take her hair out for a day trip to Euston, to present a report about somebody who took a fucking train! Stick her arse in the nice, warm studio! If the viewing public are too thick to know what a train station looks like, stick a picture of the station behind her!

Two of the worst examples of this are traffic and weather news.
Any news about traffic, has to be reported from one of the busiest streets in the country, with the reporter shouting over traffic!

I don't know about you but I wouldn't know what bad weather was, unless the person talking to me about it is being blown to fuck (and not in a good way!) and smashed around the face by hail stones!
Once again. the reporter is forced to shout to be heard!

What's the fucking point?!

There are reporters permanently stationed outside Parliament to report on all things political. Unless it's regarding Dave Cameron, and then it's handed to the reporters over at Downing Street.

I've seen news items about the Queen, when she's been out of the country but News companies still stick their reporter outside Buckingham Fucking Palace!
Their opinion of the British public, is so low, that they feel that unless they talk about her with her most famous home in view, we won't know who the fucking Queen is!

And another thing...