Saturday, 7 September 2013

English weather

I awoke this morning, strolled into the living room, and looked out of the window at the pouring rain.
I thought to myself, 'Well, there goes my plan to wash some sheets and hang them out on the line to dry.'
I went to the kitchen to make and eat breakfast. Made a cup of tea and went back to the living room, to be bathed in squintingly strong sunshine!
This kind of change always brings to mind, the old West Indian saying, 'Like da people dem.'
If it's not a phrase that you've heard, it just means that the English weather is very changeable, coincidently, very much like the English people.
I'm sitting here smiling to myself. It's often amusing to hear the explanation of the meaning of sayings.
I remember pissing myself laughing at somebody trying to explain, 'Duppy know who fe frighten', to a very English, middle aged woman.
I digress...
Luckily, or unluckily, I've lived in England long enough, to stop myself from rushing back to the kitchen to put those sheets in the washing machine. Give it another half an hour and it's sure to be pissing down again!

Our summer seems to now be over. Not just because of the rain. Rain in this country doesn't mean fuck all, as anybody who watches Wimbledon will tell you.
The sun has taken on a sharpness that is almost painful to my eyes. The summer sun has a kind of protective haze to it, that I never tire of.
Winter sun however, has an intensity to it, that is not unlike the bright light of an interrogation room!
I'll take that over rain most days though.

Living in England, you do grow accustomed to the rain, to a point.
However, I've reached an age where it becomes tiresome to get soaked through again and again.

Then again, if I'd paid more attention at school, maybe I could afford to live in a hot country.

But hey, it could be worse

Martin Luther King JR

After the recent celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King JR's most famous speech, I've come to the conclusion that I find his voice a tad annoying.
He was a fine speaker and nobody would argue with his message (apart from the religious stuff, of course).
However, there's something about the timbre of his voice that grates on me.
His most famous speeches, the ones we all know, are great but I just couldn't take a whole sermon.
Just saying. That's all