Saturday, 16 July 2016


Why do people who vape, puff out so much fucking smoke/steam/vapour?
It's so excessive!
Nobody who smoked used to take down that much smoke.
If they tried, they'd be choking like a muthafucker!
Blowing out huge steams of vapour is like gulping down loads of lemonade and pretending it's vodka!
Calm yourselves down. Nobody is impressed! Take a little suck and blow it out!
Alternatively, try smoking a cigar the same way, and I promise to be impressed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Every Antiperspirant company makes an 'Invisible' product.
Why aren't all antiperspirants invisible?
Who's going into the stores and saying, ' No, no, not that one. Give me the one that covers me in a layer of powder, and stains my clothes'?
Can't they make all of their antiperspirants invisible, and just change the scents?
Moan, moan, moan,,,

Carpe Diem Meaning

I always thought Carpe Diem meant Fish of the day