Sunday, 26 June 2016

Profundities of life

In a moment of uncharacteristic confidence, I recall telling a woman that I wasn't like any other man she'd met, or will ever meet. To clarify, I meant it as a good thing. The confidence must have worked like some kind of Jedi mind trick. because she agreed with me! Truth be told, we're all unique. Two people may be similar but there will always be something that sets one individual aside from another. The thing we all need to do is embrace the differences. Whatever thing you hate about yourself, there will be somebody who's attracted to that thing. If you're a bald man, be aware that there are men and women who aren't attracted to bald men. There's nothing you can do about that, unless you can afford a hair transplant. So move on. There are plenty of women and men who like bald men. An attraction can be based on something as basic as the colour of your eyes. Learn how to accept what you have. Somebody, somewhere will like some of it. You may even be fortunate enough to meet somebody who likes all of it.