Sunday, 26 May 2013

More moaning about speech

I might need to work on my blog titles. I don't think I'm exactly pulling in the crowds with my choices!

Another petty problem that I'm having lately, which I also may have moaned about previously, is ending sentences with an unnecessary flurry of words.
I'm guilty of this but not to the extreme rate that some others are.

Years ago a lot of people suffered with something that Frank Bruno made his own. It seemed like Big Frank couldn't finish a sentence without adding, 'Ya know what I mean?'
There are a lot of people who still enjoy using this but if you avoid people who spend most of their spare time hanging around outside Betting Shops, you should be relatively safe.

Our current youth have adjusted this Frankism to, 'Ya get me?' Equally pointless and equally annoying!

More recently, a lot of people, including myself, will finish a sentence and then add on, 'and stuff', 'or something', or the more annoying, 'and everything'.

In the words of every great stand-up comedian, 'What the fuck is that all about?!!!'

It's normally squeezed in, rapid-fire, so it's hard to pick up on.

I'm only aware of occasionally doing this myself. Each time I catch myself, I'm instantly pissed off.
So, if you hear me doing this, please laugh loudly in my face. It's obviously deserved.

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