Thursday, 17 October 2013


I hate the whole business of reading dreams.
Psychoanalysts and Psychologists have managed to make a very good living out of convincing people that they can interpret their dreams.
When anybody suggests that their dreams have a deep, hidden meaning, my stock reply is always the question, "You know what that dream means? It means that you were sleeping!"
I don't know who's joke that was. I suspect Jerry Seinfeld but I honestly can't remember.

Interpretations of dreams are always quite vague. I'm sure you can twist dreams to mean almost anything.
Dreams aren't supposed to mean what you would initially imagine.
I think that dreams about teeth, are supposed to represent money worries. I could be completely wrong but I think I heard that once.
Is there a reason that it couldn't mean that you're worried about losing teeth?

I recently had the pleasure of recalling a dream. It wasn't a pleasant one but the thing that really struck me/pissed me off, was that during the dream, somebody spoke to me. I didn't hear what they said and asked, 'What?'
My not hearing the comment, or what was said, had no relevance what soever!

When I woke and recalled this part of the dream, it aggravated the fuck out of me!
Why would my subconscious add this extra hurdle?
I know we often mishear, or just don't hear what people say, in real life but why the fuck would my mind add this unnecessary twist to dream?

It's a rhetorical question. If you have a theory, please keep it to yourself.

Sweet dreams  

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