Sunday, 12 October 2014

1st short sory

Reaching deeply into his pocket, in search of his key, Dave realised, to the unknowing observer, he probably resembled a dirty old man, enjoying a little solo dogging.
Despite smiling at the thought, he allowed himself a sideways glance to check for an audience, before finally brushing his fingertips against the key.
Maybe those kids from his childhood, who wore keys around their neck, secured by a shoelace weren't as dumb as he'd always believed.
Opening the door and stepping into the warmth of home, only to be greeted by the feeling of a spiders web across his face.
Resulting in Dave flailing his arms around his face with the speed and power of an Olympic swimmer.
Finally satisfied that the money spider, or equally harmless creature had been disbursed, Dave switched on the hallway light.
Taking the time to have a quick look around, just in case the web belonged to a bird eating tarantula.
It's unlikely but you do hear stories.
As he pushed the door closed behind him, it was obstructed by a mountain of mail.
"Oooo, Mr Popular!", he said sarcastically.
Shoveling up the post in one hand, whilst closing the door with the other, Dave walked through to the kitchen and spread the mountain of mail across the table.
Dave strained his eyes, as his ecologically friendly light bulb also strained to reach full brightness, with what felt like the speed of the sun rising.
After separating the junk mail, he was left with a solitary windowed envelope.
Tearing open the envelope, Dave recognised the credit card company's symbol inside, prompting him to throw the envelope on top of the pile of junk mail.
He stood momentarily motionless in the kitchen, then said, "Fuck this!", and headed back out of the door.


  1. Ooh G, I always knew you had it in ya. :)

  2. Thank you X
    It's a start.
    Baby steps.
    Short stories for my short attention span.
    I'll get there eventually

  3. I'm here because Lily recommended (threatened) I should have a look.
    I like your story. Loved it..... I have a thing about Daves and this story summed him up perfectly.

    Good work!

  4. Thank you for your kind words Bumferry.
    Much appreciated, even if they're as a result of threats..
    Take care

  5. Hello G like Mr H I am here because of Miss Lily although we are all strangers in cyberspace we seem to turn up on mass on many occasions and seem to all get on like strangers in cyberspace do. I have said I would mention seagulls because that is the sort of chap I am (a grumpy mad bloke). As it happens I prefer pigeons they are placid and friendly critters unlike seagulls who will rip your arm off just for fun.

    I rather like spiders but that walking through a web is well freaky and one day the money spider will be a huge mutant man eating spider with glow in the dark eyes and stuff. All I can hope is Dave is in front of me and I get a chance to abandon him to his fate and run off, I can be heroic but I'm not stupid so Dave will be a goner (he would do the same).

    Also following

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. Ooo yes I write more than they do toooooo.

  6. Miss Lily HAS been busy! Thanks again.

    Rob, thanks for passing by.
    Always reassuring to know I'm not the only one with issues.
    Thanks again
    Take care

  7. G, that's because like L'Oreal, you're worth it.