Monday, 23 January 2012

Blogging etiquette

What's the blogging etiquette on blogging about my own blogs?

After some very constructive criticism from a good friend and seasoned blogger, I had a re-read of my first attempt and can see it's shortcomings.
They stand out like the red pen that used to dominate my English coursework when I was at school. Do teachers still that? It seems a very aggressive way to highlight errors, Surely, a gentle pastel coloured highlight would be a kinder way of pointing out where I was going wrong. I'd spend ages preparing my work (That's a lie but the teacher didn't know that! She may have thought it but she could never have been sure), trying to make it look as attractive as possible, only to have it returned to me with big fuck off red ink all over it!
To me, it's the equivalent of correcting other peoples grammar by shouting through a megaphone! "IT'S PROVEN, NOT PROVED!!!"
To make it worse, now that I'm an adult, I witness teachers marking their student's work on buses and trains, while they're on their way to work! How much concentration is that teacher putting into their work?!
Let me know if I sound bitter at all.
To be honest, my failings at school were as a result of my own delusions of grandeur, laziness, lack of concentration and shyness.
As much as I'd like to blame teachers, they would've needed the inspiration of Jesus to have reached me!
Ironically, I now find Jesus to be less inspirational than David Blaine! In Jesus' defence, he hasn't had the opportunity to showcase many new tricks lately. How long can your reputation dine off of turning water into wine? As far as magic tricks go, it's on a level of, "pick a card".
I wasn't really a fan of Bill Hicks but often think of his questioning of why Christians wear crosses and crucifixes. If you believe that he's going to be coming back, don't you think that the last thing he'd want to see, would be a cross, or a crucifix?!
Two blogs in and I'm alienating Christians!


  1. Hahahaha! I appauld you sir, on a very funny post!

    Now change the fucking template! x

    1. Thank you. I don't know what I'm doing with the template. I've gone green, until I can stumble over something better.
      Thanks again X

  2. haha.. never thought about it that way. I guess the cross where he was supposedly hung to die from would certainly be somewhat of an eyesore.

  3. lol. Thanks for visiting nomadwayoflife