Monday, 30 January 2012

Good Evening,

tonight, I'm off loading about colleagues.

A colleague at work today just wouldn't shut up!!!
He appeared to want to be involved in every conversation that was taking place in the office.
Without invitation, he jumped into all manor of discussions, not even being dissuaded by the chance that the conversation might be private!
He wasn't just offering opinion, he literally took over.
I would've suspected the use of drugs but this is a very clean living man, and to make it worse, a very nice man.
Had it been anybody else stampeding over every word spoken, I would've had no problem directing a few insults his way but I genuinely wouldn't enjoy upsetting him.
I think I'd even feel guilty!
I did think that maybe his wife had been giving him the silent treatment over the weekend and he just needed to let loose with all of the thoughts that he'd been suppressing.
The only way that I can describe his actions is if you've ever had the pleasure of spending time with a new mum, who hasn't had the opportunity to spend any recent quality time in adult company. Spurting out every thought that pops into their head, at a hundred miles an hour.
Or like somebody who's been away from other people for ages and hasn't been able to talk.
Somebody who works for long hours on their own.
A prisoner in isolation.
Somebody who's lost their voice after an accident and just gets it back after years of silence with a miracle operation.
Or a hostage!
I think those should be enough examples!
D'you get my point?
You must have come across one of those people who, when they get around other adults, they just can't stop talking! And not just talking but talking utter shit!
Tease Me by Chaka Demus & Pliers just came on the radio and I said, "I haven't heard this in ages" and turned it up quite loud, while he was in mid sentence.
Maybe I need one those people skills courses.
Do you think that they have one for dealing with people who are acting like complete arseholes?
Maybe I'm the problem. Sadly, I seem to be drawing that conclusion more and more lately.
It's only Monday! Tomorrow is another day. Fingers crossed, it'll be a more peaceful one.


  1. '... mum who hasn't had the opportunity to spend any recent quality time in adult company"

    Jeez, are you sure you're not writing about me? Not that I'm paranoid or anything...

  2. Motherhood never affected you like that, Mrs Paranoia.
    Maybe because you don't really adapt how you speak when you talk to your 'spawn'.
    You know what I mean. You must've come across some Mums like that. And knowing you, you would've made sure that you weren't behaving in the same fashion.

    1. Unfortunately with motherhood, it's those that speak the loudest, get the most attention...I wonder if that's the same for stay at home dads?