Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mid-life crisis

I've recently started buying very loudly coloured underwear.
I've tried different styles and never really been completely satisfied.
'Going commando' really isn't a viable option. All that "Flipping and flopping. My boys need a home!" (Jerry Seinfeld).
I've eventually come around to 'Hipsters' and have to say that I'm happy!
The pair that I'm happiest in are bright pink! I think they look good on me.
Unfortunately, subconsciously, I've concluded that the bright colouring is as important as the fit, in creating the overall effect.
As a result, I've since purchased several pairs of various garish colours.
Bright blue, lime green, orange, purple and even a pair that I can only describe as technicoloured!
Yes, they are my favourite, after the bright pink pair.

As is my want, I've over analysed these actions, and begun to wonder if I'm acting out, as a result of some kind of mid-life crisis.

I can almost hear my late mother, disapprovingly pointing out that most middle age men act out their mid-life crisis' by buying a motorbike, or a Porsche. It's typical of me to act out in such a low rent manner!
Thanks Mum!

I'd like to believe that the mid-life part of this situation is irrelevant.
I've coincidentally stumbled upon an item of clothing that I like, later on in life.
If I'd developed a liking for comfortable shoes, there'd be no issue here.
Yes, I realise that the only issue so far is in my head but once again, irrelevant!

I've now got an urge, as a single man, to warn any woman who may get intimate with me, that they may need to keep their sunglasses on until I'm on my way home!
However, I realise that a statement such as this would just reinforce any insecurities that maybe at the root of this whole blog.
Any woman who's ever been intimate with me can verify that the cut and colour of my underwear is a minor item on the list of things that they need to be concerned with.


  1. All my undies are black, so what does that say about me?

    Meh! It's not like anyone is going to see them any time soon anyway...

  2. Lily,

    it says that you've got common sense.
    Why would anybody need anything other than black or white underwear?

    As for the other bit, you've only got to arks, as da yoot dem say