Wednesday, 7 March 2012



No, that's not a shock headline to grab your attention, I'm honestly going to talk about oral sex.

I think that people, both male and female are reluctant to criticise anybody who makes the effort sexually to please them orally.

I figure that we're all just so happy for somebody to take the time and effort to 'play our love flute', or 'eat our love bun', that regardless of how good the experience was, we allow that person to believe that they're good at what they've done!

Personally, I've NEVER met a woman, who didn't believe that they were, "good at it".
Similarly, women who I've spoken to, have the same experience.

With the exception or people who don't really enjoy oral sex, everybody is apparently a great oral lover!
People who don't really enjoy oral sex, will often freely offer up the information that they're 'not very good at it'.
Maybe they're hoping that this statement will be their 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card. Good luck with that!

Those of you who are brimming with confidence and still believe you're mouth is a gift of the Gods, be realistic!
We all enjoy different things sexually, so it stands to reason, that what one person enjoys, won't necessarily have the same affect for the next person.
If it makes you feel better, I'm sure you adapt to your partners every need and reaction and perform like a fucking sex God!

So, for the sake of everybody else, I'd like to encourage some honesty, following oral sex.
If you get a questioning look from your next participant, as they crawl up from between your legs, before they try to kiss you (!!!), give them the 'so, so' hand gesture.

This could save you from sampling your own love lava (unless you're into that) but will also encourage them to try a little harder next time.

Of course, I could always be wrong!

As I've been known to be sexually, I was a little premature in posting this blog.

I want to hold my hands up and say that I've always thought that when it came to oral sex, I was pretty much an expert.
However, there have been occasions when I have been closer to getting lock jaw, than I have to leading my partner in lust to a fitting climax.
So I'm obviously as deluded as the next man!

Happy eating!


  1. Hey Lily. Why not? Mouth full? lol.

    I can't say anything, I normally post an update for my blogs on Twitter and Facebook, yet I've been surprisingly quiet on both!