Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I think I've fallen over the answer to my less than prolific blogging.
I believe that I may have a stamina/endurance problem.
Even as a kid, I wasn't very good at running distances. I could run but not for great distances. I could play football or tennis for hours but both of those sports involve moments of rest.
Running non-stop for a distance was too tiring, not to mention boring!
I could've solved this by training but that training would also have been tiring and boring.
Is this the circle of life again?
I hate to use the phrase, 'Catch 22', because I find it's misuse so annoying but I think this may actually be the real thing! I can't run far because I lack the fitness. To obtain the level of fitness required to run far, I need to practice, by running far!
Tell me I'm wrong people. Have I stumbled over a genuine case of catch 22, or not?!
Sorry to labour this point but people really do love to misuse this phrase more than any phrase I've ever heard! To make it worse, when I hear the phrase misused, I can't fight the urge to correct the idiot who used it. I don't know why. I'm usually quite a patient and understanding person. I can listen to people say Pacific instead of specific, all day long, without interrupting with more than a smile.
ANYWAY! I digress.
I lack the discipline to be in a long-term relationship. You can use different words to describe the reasons for this but they can roughly be substituted with stamina and endurance.
I can relate this theory to several aspects of my life but obviously not my sex life (Ladies!). Any comments from anybody who can argue this point will be deleted!
To get back to the start of this blog, I think my lack of blogging problem could be solved by writing shorter blogs.
Little short spurts (once again, any remarks about my sexual performance will be deleted) of wisdom.
My intention now, is to write little but often.
I lack the imagination and concentration (stamina and endurance) to sustain long and interesting blogs.
To prove my point, I believe this could be the longest blog I've written so far!
Jesus! It's catch 22!


  1. Aww you've just taken all the fun out of commenting.

    Little but often, is a good way to go. Most people will look at the date between your most recent and last post and if there is a noticeable gap, are less likely to read or to follow.

    The blogosphere is indeed a fickle business.

    And you might want to turn off your word verification. It's the number one pet peeves among bloggers and can sometimes make all the difference to who comments and who doesn't. xx

  2. Thanks Lily.
    Word verification is off.
    Much appreciated.
    Thanks again