Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm not happy.
If those of you who know me could hold back your cries of, "No shit Sherlock!" for a moment, I'll try to expand. (Ignoring opportunity for fat joke...)
Life has become such a struggle, that there seems little to enjoy.
I'm aware that many people are worse off than I.
I'm also aware that I'm not the only person experiencing this feeling.
Just for the record, telling people who are experiencing something negative that other people are as bad, or worse off, doesn't fucking help!
Having said that, oh well, never mind.
It could be worse!
See what I did there? (sorry!)


  1. I do see what you did there and I feel your pain.
    The following cliches will now take place:

    "Cheer up, it might never happen".
    "You've got to look on the bright side."
    "At least you've got a roof over your head."
    "Keep your chin up."
    "What about all the millions starving in Africa?"

    Have I left anything out?
    Why people feel the need to let people know that there are others worse of then you, makes me want to punch them in the gonads/lady garden. (Delete as appropriate)

    Yes there are but that doesn't make one's situation any less depressing and fraught with anxiety. I wonder how they would react, if someone said the same thing to them in these dark times?

  2. Thank you Lily,

    I can always depend on you!

    Things aren't that bad to be honest. Obviously, it could be worse.
    I should count my blessings (On one fucking hand!).
    I'm not blessed with a heart shaped womb (Ooooo, cross-reference blogging! This is ground-breaking stuff!) but I do have plenty to be grateful for.
    Some of my problems are financial. Hopefully, some of those things will ease when I start doing all of my food shopping in Iceland!
    Unfortunately, this will no doubt, bring forth new medical problems!
    On so it goes...
    It's the circle of life...