Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Language (Again?!)

This evening I'd like to express my hatred for a habit that a lot of politicians have and a number of sport pundits. This habit is probably highlighted because I often listen to talk radio. I believe they call themselves Speech Radio now days. I'm afraid they can fuck right off, because Speech Radio isn't as catchy as Talk Radio. Unusually, I digress... Anyway... the habit to which I refer is the starting of sentences with the word, 'Listen', or even worse, 'Look'. I just find it incredibly rude. If you start your sentence with the word listen, it implies that I'm either not listening, or you're about to tell me something of huge importance. Admittedly, if you're a politician, there's a very good chance that I'm not listening. Possibly distracted by the ever increasing size of your nose, with each word you utter. Let's face it, you're not about to tell me something of huge importance. You're a politician! If you start your sentence with the word look, you're a cunt! I don't believe I need to expand on that. Most politicians are guilty of using both. Some arrogant sportsmen, ex-sportsmen, radio presenters, and journalists are equally guilty. One of the worst offenders is a Daily Mirror journalist, John Cross. This man is so full of his own self importance that his usage of these words can be used to play a great drinking game. A pint for every 'Listen'. A short for every 'Look'. I find myself begging his co-presenters to PLEASE look at him! Rant over.

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