Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Insight into the mind of a man

Reaching beneath her skirt, he was surprised to find a full pubis. It had been many years since he’d encountered one of these, and he was intrigued and turned on at the same time. She didn’t appear to have an old fashioned outlook generally, so he was surprised to find that she had decided to buck the trend of almost dolphin-like sleekness, that seemed to have spread like wild fire amongst the women who found their way into his world. She was a very organised person, judging by her home, so the neglected lady garden was unlikely to be the result of laziness. In all other departments, she appeared very clean, so hygiene wasn’t an issue. Maybe she was just going through a retro phase? Her own little tribute to the 70’s. There was no armpit hair though, and he found himself feeling a little disappointed that she hadn’t gone the whole hog. Why have one without the other? He was a little disappointed at her lack of commitment. It’s amazing how a little hair could be such a distraction!


  1. I remember the Seventies I had a lot of hair on my head back then. I still have hair on my head now but it is grey and dishevelled and I walk in circles more. And my mind is not what it was, is this person not wearing underwear she will get a cold, the world is full of drafts and cold winds.

  2. Yeah Rob, I had hair in the 70's. Ironically, when I'm in my 70's I won't!
    I'm sure she was wearing underwear. There were probably little strands sticking out the sides, like tobacco out of a badly rolled roll up.
    So no danger of a cold and thankfully, no sneezing

  3. I read that wrong. I thought for a moment that you were actually referring to her garden and not her lady garden.I thought, what's her back yard got to do with how she keeps her lady garden? Next time I shall put on my glasses.

  4. You're jumping the gun Lily. The next blog will be about her back yard.