Friday, 4 November 2016


Britain preach endlessly about democracy.
They have destroyed the very structure of countries, all in the name of democracy.
They look down their noses at countries that aren't ruled by a leader who was elected democratically.

I'm not attacking, nor defending the outcome of the vote.
My problem is with the way commentators are being so condescending about the majority of people who took part in the democratic vote.

If you voted to leave Europe, you're a racist, you were mislead by Politician's lies, or you're just plain stupid.

I've never seen the outcome of a vote analysed in such a fashion.
I have however, previously seen Politician's lie, and make promises that weren't kept, for the purposes of winning an election.
In those circumstances, the Politician's were rightly critcised but I don't recall the intelligence of voters ever being judged for believing the lies and promises.

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