Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Karma (sorry about the motherfuckers)

I've come to the conclusion that karma is just something that people hope exists, when they can't get revenge, or don't want to admit that they want revenge.
If somebody does something to you, your initial response is never to just let it slide, safe in the knowledge that 'someday' that nasty individual will be tracked down by their own negative behaviour and forced to suffer their actions, ten fold, in the name of "KARMA".
No, no, no!

If you're really angry (and really honest), your initial response is, "Die motherfucker, die!!!"
Then, once you've calmed down a bit, you want them to suffer. If you can't inflict that suffering yourself, you'll appease yourself with the delusion that one day something bad will happen to them, and that will be because they were nasty to you twenty years earlier.

Unfortunately, I don't believe in karma. So once I reach the level of, "Die motherfucker, die!!!", I'm still thinking that, twenty years later!
Do you know how many motherfuckers I want to die after nearly fifty years on this earth?

There's a very unhelpful man who works in the ticket office of my local train station. I haven't had to speak to him for at least ten years but I'm still waiting for that empty train to derail and go flying through that ticket office window! I'm sure that when it does, he'll be safe in the back office, making a personal phone call.

If we're honest with ourselves, we all know somebody who has always been a complete and utter arsehole. They will always be a complete and utter arsehole and they've lived a very happy life. Where's their karma?

Of course, if you wait long enough, something negative will happen to everybody. Even if it's death, at a ripe old age. Which is when you can guarantee that somebody, somewhere, will be whispering, 'He had it coming'.

I ask you, if karma existed, would Piers Morgan have a successful television career?


  1. ARRRRGH! Piers Morgan! That man makes my eyes bleed!!!!

    Brilliant post!

  2. He is evil, isn't he?
    Thanks Lily X

  3. I seem to bypass the Karma bit and go straight for the kill now. It's more fun that way, I don't have the patience to wait. Great post!

    1. Thank you (All?) for passing by and for your comments