Saturday, 21 July 2012


Saturday morning in London, and the Sun is out! (Generally, I am guilty overusing exclamation marks but on this occasion, it's completely justified.)
The weather this Summer has been outrageous. I've never experienced the level of rainfall that we've been blessed with.
The Olympic torch begins it's journey across London today.
Marking the start of approximately a month of chaos.
Good old London is inconveniencing the everyday lives of residents for the benefit of visitors from all over the World, who are here to watch sport.
Londoners are experiencing pay freezes and pay cuts, booming inflation and record unemployment.
People are actually refused surgery and drugs because we're told that there isn't enough  money.
Yet, there seems to be unlimited amounts of money available for a sports competition!
We live in a city where many, mainly elderly people face the decision to either 'heat or eat' in the Winter. They actually make the decision to either spend their money on eating something, or use that money to heat their home. They're forced to make that decision, while the lifetime of tax that they've paid, goes toward providing the 'Great' Britain football team £1000.00 a night hotel rooms!
Who looks at these kind of figures and decides that despite the fact that adequate accommodation has been provided on the Olympic site, it's more important to provide luxury accommodation for some sportsmen, than it is to provide life saving medicines for cancer suffers?

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  1. Grrr! Don't even get me started on the sodding Olympics!
    Suffice to say that an event which was promised would "benefit the local people," is making life bloody difficult right now.