Thursday, 5 July 2012

Still In Love With You

Just a poem.
Sorry, it's one of those that doesn't rhyme.
Always thought that was a bit of a cop out, despite what Susan Harvey, my English teacher used to tell us.

I don't know what it says of me, that I embrace my love for you with the same openness that I embrace the pain of us being apart.
It could be that the power of both emotions prove to my soul that our love was real.

I punish myself by remembering good times.
Words spoken, or moments spent.
Love and complete happiness clearly radiated from your face as you embraced me.
Only muted by the mutual angst each time we parted.

A simple kiss would flood my heart with love.
A love I know you shared as you sank into my arms, with a smile full of contentment.

The unmatched joy of waking beside you, having fallen into sleep with you in my arms.
Waking together with gentle kisses, happy at the thought of spending another day in each others company.

Despite the void between us, memories of tiny actions send me swirling back into your arms.
Raising a begrudging smile to your beautiful face with a simple flick of your frowning brow.
Sending equal pain and joy surging through me as I recall our love

Experiencing my life without you, only makes me yearn for my life with you.
The pain of missing you is as constant as my love for you is eternal.

I'm still in love with you

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