Monday, 7 January 2013

Miserable fucker

At the risk of turning this blog into a list of things I hate (Too late?)

I caught the end of yet another climate change show last week.
It never ceases to amaze me, how there seems to be an endless supply of money available to make these kind of doom and gloom shows.
It seems to be the modern equivalent of those people that used to walk around, wearing a sandwich board, shouting, "The end is nigh!"
I've not managed to watch anything that contained proof that we humans are causing the impending end of the World, yet we always seem to be getting the blame.
My own personal belief is that the earth's climate is changing but it's just a natural change. It will happen, despite any actions that humans take.

Dinosaurs are generally thought to have died out as a result of an ice age (climate change). I'm not sure if it was as a result of their excessive use of fossil fuels or their excessive use of 4 X 4 vehicles. Whichever one it is, we seem to be repeating their errors.

The late, great Sam Kinison said that whilst watching a show about a desert tribe who suffered starvation every year because of drought, he came up with a solution to the tribes suffering. "Don't fucking live there! MOVE!!!"
A bit crass maybe but not completely unreasonable.

And on that note, I've grown bored with this subject in mid composition!

Maybe I'll take another crack at it some other time.
Until then, live long and prosper.


  1. Ooh, getting all political.
    Since the dawn of time, the earth's climate has been ever shifting and it's only because we are more aware of it then our ancestors, that we have noticed those changes. Of course we haven't helped with car fumes and the like but it is, I believe a natural change. It's called evolution people...sorry...don't know who I was talking to then. xx

  2. I didn't even get to the political bit!
    The Government not agreeing financial support to any new business that didn't have some kind of link to Climate change! Grrrrrr!

    The thing that really grinds my gears (God bless you Peter Griffin), is that all of this hysteria is based on the findings of the 'Experts' who can't even predict what the weather's going to be like tomorrow!

    I listen to a London radio station that gives a local weather report every half an hour.
    A few week back, I left for work, dressed accordingly, having listened to six weather reports, that made no mention of rain for that day.
    I had reached the half way point of my journey when my push bike decided to let out a loud screeching noise, forcing me to walk my bike back home again.
    It was at the start of this walk home that God decided to piss all over me!
    During the walk, I was listening to the same radio station, and there was still no mention of rain!
    I remember thinking at the time, that the people who can't even predict rain in an area relatively as small as London, while it's actually fucking raining, are being taken seriously when they cry, 'The end is nigh!'
    All they had to do was look out of the fucking window forchristsake!
    (I use a lot of religious terms for a non believer!)

    I object to water companies being able to increase charges whilst providing a poorer service, because they're empowered by these people who make a living out of guesswork.
    Water companies have been allowed to limit water supplies and increase charges, under the guise of financing the exploration of alternative ways of providing a water service. Which is what they're supposed to be doing anyway!!
    I would've thought, with the increase of world water levels being given as a predicted cause of the end of several countries, desalination would be the answer to several of our problems. However, it's easier, and less expensive for water companies to put the blame on the customer and charge them for the privilege!

    Having said that, I really did enjoy the movie, 'The Day After Tomorrow"