Sunday, 13 January 2013


I've come to the conclusion that I'm quite unusual, when it comes to my television viewing.
There are several shows that I enjoy watching but there isn't one that would affect my mood, if I missed it.

I know people who record their favourite soap operas, so they can watch them at a time that they won't be disturbed, And if they are somehow disturbed, they can pause the playback!

I also know several people who enjoy reality TV and soap operas.
TV companies are aware of the popularity of both of these, so they schedule them, so they don't screen them at the same times.
This can result in the people who enjoy both being almost unavailable from 7pm until 10pm most weekday evenings.
This is a situation that amazes me but I'm beginning to think that I'm the one who's unusual.

I love Seinfeld, Cheers, Big Bang Theory, Burn Notice, Modern Family, Would I lie To You?, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, and to a lesser extent, NCIS but if I miss an episode, generally, I think I'll catch it another time, and if I don't, life will go on.

As a person who doesn't enjoy soap operas, the rotating plots seem to be based around an argument, a fight, an affair, a gay relationship (male and/or female), a marriage, a death, and a murder (often saved for Christmas). These things are held together with chit-chat, and depending n your choice of soap, bad jokes, or misery.

Reality TV 'stars' vein people, who are trying to become famous.

Celebrity Reality TV 'stars' minor celebrities, who are also vein but are either desperate for a bit more fame, or desperate for money.
Whatever the reason, they're not the kind of person that I can give a shit about. Therefore, I have no interest in anything they say, or do.

As I say, I appear to be the unusual one.
Please forgive me for not having an interested in what an ex Pussy Cat Doll says, or does, in  'junge' environment.
There must be something wrong with me

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