Sunday, 6 January 2013


I hate pigeons.
The phrase, "rats with wings" completely sums them up, for me.
I don't know how true it is but I actually believe them to be disease, flea ridden creatures.
Despite this belief, I'm just like the majority of other men, and pretend to be indifferent to them.
It wasn't until I observed a man today, that I realised that it's not just be but most men.
Eight or nine pigeons startled (As they always fucking are!) by a bus, suddenly took off in the direction of this man. He tried his best to remain calm but when one of the pigeons got a little too close, he waved his arms around and ducked.
I could see that he was annoyed but I knew that, that (that, that, that...) was partially because he felt that he'd embarrassed himself over a stupid bird.
I've seen young women run screaming in similar situations, which seems to me to be the sensible reaction.
I don't believe we should all react like we're starring in the movie, 'The Birds' but there's an acceptable medium.
If you feel like you're almost being attacked by pigeons, feel free to wave your arms and make some noise, without fear of embarrassment.


  1. two reasons why I hate pigeons.
    1. One pooed on my head and some idiot shouted out, "that's supposed to bring you luck." Seeing as I was on may way to visit a friend in hospital who had a brain tumor, didn't seem that lucky to me.

    2. I witnessed as my cousin threw her head back to laugh a hearty laugh...and one pooed in her mouth. xx

  2. Who came up with that shit about it being good luck?
    Especially if it goes in your mouth.